Frances tries to live in New York and really get her life together


Frances with her friend Sophie

So today I saw the film Frances Ha, for the first time and I must say I was surprised.

If you haven’t seen it or seen it, but can not remember what it is about:


Frances lives in New York, but she doesn’t really have an apartment. Frances is an apprentice for a dance company, but she’s not really a dancer. Frances has a best friend named Sophie, but they aren’t really speaking anymore. Frances throws herself headlong into her dreams, even as their possible reality dwindles. Frances wants so much more than she has but lives her life with unaccountable joy and lightness.


I don’t live in New York or I has not even been to the City – but I will go some day – so my life is not quite like Frances’s but through the first half of the film I saw similarities. She does not really have a job – I am unemployed and tries to find a job – just like one of Frances’s roomies, Benji, and she (Frances) just tries to live a life that is good… which is really hard when you don’t have that much money (Yeah I know)!

First she is living and having a really great relationship with her friend Sophie – the one who has her life together (the job, the money and the boyfriend)… so in some the opposite of Frances. But then one day Sophie is moving out and now Frances tries to find another place to live and end up living with two guys – the one is an artist (so having some kind of a job) and one trying to find a job.

I the romance department I must say I agree Benji is right that Frances is “undateable”… but she really tries to find love.

But I must say this film really surprised me… I could relate to many of her problems. But that is not the main thing, that made me love this film. The whole film is filmed in black/white – which I love – and it has a great balance between comedy and drama.

So because I can relate to some of Frances’s life, the way the film is made and the balance between the comedy and drama… and I did not wonder on how it would end and it has this “reality/documentary” feel over it. I will therefore give it 5 out of 6 stars.