Aiden Hoynes quote of the day

Programme Name: The Politician’s Husband - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Embargoed for publication until: 16/04/2013 - Picture Shows: Aiden Hoynes (DAVID TENNANT) - (C) Day Break Pictures - Photographer: Liam Daniel

A system corrupted by lobbying and cronyism, which has tainted the integrity of all of us in this chamber. If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas, Mr Speaker, and we are infested with them!..We cannot let the issue of reforming our party funding system join the litany of our other broken promises. We said we would get rid of Punch & Judy politics in parliament. We haven’t. We said we would rid parliament of sleaze. We didn’t. We said we would be open and transparent in our dealings. We’re not. If the promises we make mean nothing, if the rights of citizens are trampled on by a government to suit its own ends, and if those they’ve elected do not hold the government to account, the people will do it themselves…

Here’s a quote from the great miniseries The Politician’s Husband episode 3, and you see David Tennant as Aiden Hoynes


Dialogue from The Imitation Game – let me try and we’ll know for sure

download (1)COMMANDER DENNISTON: Enigma isn’t difficult. It’s impossible. The Americans. The French. The Russians. The Germans. Everyone thinks Enigma is unbreakable.

ALAN TURING: Goody! Let me try and we’ll know for sure.

First I have to say… I haven’t seen this movie yet (live in Denmark, so it hasn’t premiered here yet), but I have followed and waited for it for so long I had to post something – so here’s a talk between Commander Denniston (Charles Dance) and Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch).

I really hope this film gets nominated for an Oscar.. but we will find out on January 15th.

This is all I have to say right now, but I will be back with a review when I have seen it (going to see it on January 14th).. bye for now!



James quote of the day – I don’t want to die

ThirdStarBannerI don’t want to die. I want more time. I want more time. Take all of your pointless consumer fucking lives. I was going to do so much. I was going to be special.” – James, Third Star

Okay I love this movie… and it is one of the few movie that I literally cries through – Benedict Cumberbatch does a brilliant job as James… so here’s my second post of a James quote.

If you haven’t seen this movie do it!!


Dead Poet Society quote of the day

19809911No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” – John Keating, Dead Poet Society

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t heard the very sad news – Robin Williams was found dead… so I think a quote from one of the great movies Mr. Williams have been in, and I must say it is an inspirational quote from the movie Dead Poet Society.

RIP Robin Williams


John Harrison/Khan quote of the day

maxresdefaultA remnant of a time long past. Genetically engineered to be superior so as to lead others to peace in a world at war. But we were condemned as criminals, forced into exile. For centuries we slept, hoping when we awoke things would be different. But as a result of the destruction of Vulcan your Starfleet begun to aggressively search distant quadrants of space. My ship was found adrift. I alone was revived… John Harrison was a fiction created the moment I was awoken by your Admiral Marcus to help him advance his cause, a smokescreen to conceal my true identity. My name is… KHAN.” – Khan, Star Trek Into Darkness

Here’s a quote from J.J. Abram’s Star Trek Into Darkness – and I must say Benedict Cumberbatch is playing one hell of a great baddie – and that voice really adds to the character!