The Imitation Game Instareview

IMG_3946 “The Imitation Game…It’s a game. A test of sorts. For determining whether something is a… a machine or a human being.”
Okay just saw this brilliant movie about how Turing and four other code breakers cracked the “unbreakable” Enigma code. This is first movie in long time that moved me to tears and I couldn’t move for a while. Eventhough there are some inaccuracies (Turing personality and some og the other people) it still entertaining and given that the purpose was to inform people about Turing and how he played a big role in winning WWII and the computer technology we know today – and it is a fiction film – it really captures you and I really have to do with the performance by some great actors. And to end this review Benedict Cumberbatch does an exelent job as Turing… I would recommend people to see this amazing movie if you haven’t already!
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Here’s my Instareview of the brilliant movie The Imitation Game, which is nominated for 8 Oscars including best actor and best picture.