The Teachers Lounge

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I re-read an old story for a movie, me and my friends made for a class and we sadly didn’t made the movie, but it would be okay – just think all high school movies and many of the comedies from the early noughties late 90s, flipped around and instead a student we follow a new teacher and the teachers are the center and the students are the supporting roles.

Sorry, English is not my native language and the following text is a translation, so there might be some mistakes, but hope it’s not too bad and that you like it anyway!

Start —> just before the headmaster’s death

The main character, Jack O’hama’s premise: “Can Jack, with the help from the election and the affair (the students’ sudden interest), achieve popularity and power, in spite of resistance from Melanie Flinston and the rest of the teacher’s clique?”


The freshly new teacher Jack has just been hired to teach at the same high school he went to when he was younger, New Newton High. We meets him on his first day at school as a teacher. He openly hates the students, and he does not hide it. On the way to the school, he yells insults to the students that are in his way, and he also does not hide that he enjoys to be on, what he thinks is the winning team – lærerholdet. He steps in the door, still pissed off at students.

The students acts properly, but the very moment he has left they quickly comments and continue doing what they were doing. Jack doesn’t just attract attention because of his attitude but also his looks plays a big part. He has mono eyebrows, small, narrow blue eyes, a big flat nose, a very attractive mouth, rich and soft lips and dirty blonde, messy hair. He’s wearing a grey tweed jacket, with a matching white shirt, beige trousers and in the shirt pocket is there gold pocket watch.

He stands outside the headmaster’s office, looks at the pocket watch and it’s 7:55am. He’s smiling happy and steps inside. Inside a little, chuppy secretary with brown hair in a tight bun, 60’s glasses and tight mouth. Her clothes is stylish and sophisticated. When he steps in, she does not look up from her computer. First when Jack, after 5 minutes speaks, she looks up quickly and gives him the elevator look. She tries to hide her disgust and then hands him his schedule. From his mimic, you can sense his insecurity and surprise to be judged. He goes of the office with the same self-assured facade, he came in with. When he, on his way to his first class, rejoice in the sweet revenge that lies just around the corner. Jack with a cup of black coffee, steps into the teachers lounge, his eyes meets the one thing he despises, cliques.

The teachers are divided into small cliques and you can easily sense who are the popular. The headmaster sits surrounded by “beautiful” female teachers, and waited on by the social science/PE teachers. In the corner sits the physics teachers (+ the various naturescience teachers) in a row immersed in their Illustreret Videnskab. By the openly homemade table, the music teachers (hippie teachers) sits and discuss the materialism perversity. When Jack steps into, everybody turns and looks at him. The headmaster rises from the couch and walks over to shake his hand, but after quickly sits down again. The hippies shakes their head, only a little, skinny lady, who sits at what looks like the outsiders table, comes over and offers him a seat in the corner. Jack surprised, follows. He sees the secretary, he met earlier, who whispers something to the headmaster about him. They laughs. You senses how uncomfortable it is and the insecurity just lurking under the surface. You follow Jack in the halls, foul-mouthed, ruder and ruder towards students and their hatred begin to form. It exchanges between the teachers lounge and the school halls – and the movie’s audience will quickly discover that the normal roles in high school movies has been exchanged.

Plot Point 1

It’s a completely normal day at New Newton High, there are classes and other activities. The day takes a sudden turn, when someone finds the headmaster dead, sitting in his chair in his office. It comes as a shock for all teachers, especially the teachers who are in the popular clique, which the headmaster was a part of. It’s a shock because the headmaster was always fit and healthy. The teachers were grieving, but not the students. The students began to take the statue of the headmaster, in front of the school, down (intertextuality to Stalin). It was a sign of now there were none who would go after them or who could make rules. A sign of freedom.

The headmaster’s death looked like a heart attack, but we never get the real reason.

Clamp 1

Around a week later, the teachers are trying to find a new headmaster. This results in the make an election, but there is only one who is running, and it the most popular female teacher, Melanie Flinston. She was the one who everyone hope would run. She took advantage of her being the only one who was running. She said she would run the school the same way the old headmaster had done. One day a thing happens, to all the teachers surprise, the new teacher Jack O’Hama runs as her opponent, when he have found a way to the popularity and power he wants.

He did not have a election case about what he wanted to change or keep at the school.

There were a lot of teachers supporting Melanie and most of them were a part of the popular clique, because the liked it was nice Melanie wanted to keep the old headmaster’s rules and ideologies about how to run the school. It was also why Jack didn’t get a lot of support.


As the election continues, we are getting closer to the movie’s midpoint. Already at the beginning of the election it looks like Melanie Flinston would win the famous position as headmaster. She had a lot of students and teachers supporting, and she is leading all the polls. Jack begins to lose courage. But he will not give up, because he knows, that the election is his only hope of getting the popularity he wants. It’s time for a quiz. New Newton High has a proud tradition for the selection of a headmaster. It’s about half way through the election and the candidates are now given the opportunity to prove their worth through a quiz. This quiz is held in the auditorium in front of all students and teachers, and it has a rumor to be a big part in the outcome of the election. Jack knows very well how important the quiz is, and he will do his very best to be prepared. But it is impossible to keep up with Melanie, who has made sure she will win. Melanie wins the quiz and this is point where Jack loses hope in winning the election. He must acknowledge that his chances of winning the position as headmaster is slowly becoming non-existing.

Clamp 2

The yearly teacher party is being held soon and Melanie has a sneaky plan to get Jack to back out of the election. At the party she pulls Jack aside and seduces him. But suddenly Mrs. Flinston screams and rips her own clothes and tries to get the affair to look like an assault. But one of the geeky science teachers thinks the “rape” is a steamy affair and runs to the other teachers to gossip about Jack scoring Melanie.

On Monday, after the party, Jack wonders about the secretively interest from the teachers side and when a geeky teacher stares a little too long at Jack, Jack says: “What are you looking at?!”

In that moment Melanie walks in with a smile, completely oblivious to the fact that he plan has taken a different turn. Her clique looks at her disappointed, while the geeky teachers big wide eyes all in a synchronized movement follows.

Plot Point 2

The first break is called and there is a morning meeting and the students gather around with the biggest lack of interest. They are just dull and hanging. It’s time to elect the new headmaster, and the ballots lies on the tables.

Melanie comes in with big campaigns and is being carried on a throne by the PE teachers. But Jack arrives tense as always. The two candidates each giving a speech, but none of the students is listening. One small geeky student whispers to another that Mr. O’Hama did Mrs. Flinston to the teachers party and the rumor spreads like wildfire among the students and everyone votes for Jack O’Hama and that becomes his victory.


After Jack O’Hama’s victory we get to the resolution. Jack has finally achieved what he was fighting for. He won the election because of his sudden popularity and he can’t entirely believe it. Now he has the power, he runs the school, he is the one to torture the students. After so many of years in the cold he finally achieved the status of popularity. Jack’s on stage and enjoys the sight of all the students, who is asking if they can leave. In the background Melanie Flinston is crying surrounded by her peeps. Jack smiles to himself thinking about his victory. Suddenly he catches the sight of a group of students that haven’t left yet and sits in the front row. The give Jack a slow applause and giving him a smile that says “we’ve got unfinished business”. Jack look searches intensively and catches the center of the group. It was a student, most likely a Junior. He is wearing a big leather jacket and is hiding his right hand under the jacket like he is trying to hide something. Jack and the student gets eye contact. The sits with a big smile and Jack thinks it looks like the student is trying to mime something to him. After a few minutes in deep concentration Jack gets the sentence “You’re next”. Jack screams and runs out the auditorium, while the students still trying to leave, and the movie ends.


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