Movie quote of the day

third-star-jamie-stoker-02So I raise a morphine toast to you. And, should you remember that it’s the anniversary of my birth, remember that you were loved by me and you made my life a happy one. And there’s no tragedy in that.” – James, Third Star

This weekend I am having a Benedict Cumberbatch themed weekend – and this morning I saw this very emotional movie.



The battle of the whistle song – Twisted Nerve vs. Kill Bill vol. 1


I am writing my master thesis on Quentin Tarantino’s use of intertextuality as an auteur element, and I am now writing about intertextual references in the Kill Bill series, and I saw this British movie Twisted Nerve (1968), where the character Martin Durnley is whistling the same song as Elle Driver does in Kill Bill vol. 1.

But now I ask you which version will win in a battle? Durnley’s version (the not so creepy one) or Elle Driver’s version (the a little creepy one and has a ‘I am going to kill you’ kind of aura about it)?

I think they are both great, but if I had to choose I would choose Elle Driver’s version!


Dialogue from Robin Hood: Men in Tights

davechappellerobinhoodmenintightsRobin Hood: As my first order of business, I would like to appoint a new Sheriff… my friend Ahchoo.

Crowd: A black sheriff?

Blinkin: He’s black?

Ahchoo: And why not? It worked in Blazing Saddles.

I mostly prefer Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles, but I must say that this is a close second favorite spoof movie… if you haven’t seen Robin Hood: Men in Tights or Blazing Saddles and you like some funny dialogues and not a lot of action or drama – I suggest that watch them!