Out of chaos comes order!

Oh I can’t describe how much I want to see the new film “Bad Samaritan” with David Tennant as the villain, Cale Erendreich.

Bad_Samaritan_Keyart_500 But sadly there is no release date in Denmark, yet! I really hope it will get here and not be as with another film I loved, High-Rise, that only was shown at CPH Pix film festival.

The only thing I can do now is watch the trailer, and of course share it with you:

Bad Samaritan official trailer


Sean Falco (Robert Sheehan), an immigrant to the United States who works as a restaurant valet, uses the cars entrusted to him by the restaurant clientele to break into their homes. One night, he finds more than he bargained when he breaks into one house, only to discover a woman named Katie (Kerry Condon) imprisoned there. Frightened of going to jail, he abandons her and calls the police, only to find himself in a game of cat-and-mouse with Cale Erendreich (David Tennant), the sadistic home owner.


The Teachers Lounge

Hi, really not posting enough on this blog… sorry!

I re-read an old story for a movie, me and my friends made for a class and we sadly didn’t made the movie, but it would be okay – just think all high school movies and many of the comedies from the early noughties late 90s, flipped around and instead a student we follow a new teacher and the teachers are the center and the students are the supporting roles.

Sorry, English is not my native language and the following text is a translation, so there might be some mistakes, but hope it’s not too bad and that you like it anyway!

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High-Rise film – new stills

The greatest advertising for a film I've ever seen!

The greatest advertising for a film I’ve ever seen!

So there’s two months till High-Rise premieres in the UK, and I really hope it get a release date in Denmark. But I can in the meantime just look at the amazing new stills that got released today, and of course finish J.G. Ballard’s amazing novel (I only have around 30 pages left.CY_EuRoUMAAmI_X

Luke Evans as Richard Wilder

Luke Evans as Richard Wilder

Tom Hiddleston as Dr Robert Laing

Tom Hiddleston as Dr Robert Laing



High-Rise: The book

So there’s not long till the British thriller/sci-fi film High-Rise premieres in the UK, and I really hope it gets a Danish release date soon

One of the descriptions of Dr Robert Laing

One of the descriptions of Dr Robert Laing

or my next trip goes to London to see this film!

But in preparations to this film I’m currently reading the book by J.G. Ballard… and it has become one of my favourite books to read, and I am a little obsessed with the Laing character and I thought of a 12510474_10153874657553069_7370049243644653504_nnew thing I would do to let it out – by posting different descriptions of Laing and scenarios he is in. So here’s some of them.

In the role as Dr Laing is the talented Tom Hiddleston. He is joined by Jeremy Iron as the architect of the high-rise Anthony Royal, Sienna Miller as Charlotte Melville, Luke Evans as Richard Wilder and Elisabeth Moss as Helen Wilder.


What are you doing in there?!

Another trailer for the film High-Rise is here:

I cannot wait for this film to be released. It is going to be in cinemas in the UK from March 18 2016, so for everyone living in England there’s not long till you can join them at the High-Rise!

To prepare for the film I am currently reading the book, and I can highly recommend it, it is one great read!

Aiden Hoynes quote of the day

Programme Name: The Politician’s Husband - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Embargoed for publication until: 16/04/2013 - Picture Shows: Aiden Hoynes (DAVID TENNANT) - (C) Day Break Pictures - Photographer: Liam Daniel

A system corrupted by lobbying and cronyism, which has tainted the integrity of all of us in this chamber. If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas, Mr Speaker, and we are infested with them!..We cannot let the issue of reforming our party funding system join the litany of our other broken promises. We said we would get rid of Punch & Judy politics in parliament. We haven’t. We said we would rid parliament of sleaze. We didn’t. We said we would be open and transparent in our dealings. We’re not. If the promises we make mean nothing, if the rights of citizens are trampled on by a government to suit its own ends, and if those they’ve elected do not hold the government to account, the people will do it themselves…

Here’s a quote from the great miniseries The Politician’s Husband episode 3, and you see David Tennant as Aiden Hoynes